30 Best and Easy Christmas Casserole Recipes

The holiday season brings with it a symphony of scents and flavors that dance through the kitchen, infusing warmth and joy into every corner of the home. And what better way to celebrate this merry time than by gathering around the table with loved ones, indulging in comforting, soul-nourishing Christmas casserole recipes that define the essence of Christmas?

In the realm of festive culinary delights, Christmas casserole recipes stand tall as versatile, flavorful, and comforting main dishes that embody the spirit of the season. They’re a culinary canvas where traditional holiday ingredients come together in a harmonious blend, creating dishes that evoke memories and ignite the festive spirit.

In this curated collection of Christmas casserole recipes, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey filled with nostalgia, creativity, and, of course, deliciousness. From timeless classics that have graced family tables for generations to innovative twists that infuse modern flair, these recipes are crafted to delight the senses and make your holiday celebrations truly unforgettable.

So, dust off your casserole dishes, preheat your oven, and join us as we explore a medley of Christmas casseroles recipes that promise to add warmth and flavor to your holiday festivities. Whether you’re hosting a grand feast or seeking comforting dishes for intimate gatherings, this compilation has something special for every taste and occasion.

Let the aroma of baked goodness fill your home as you dive into these delightful recipes, creating cherished moments and culinary masterpieces that will undoubtedly become part of your holiday tradition with these Christmas casserole recipes.

1. Chicken Stuffing Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

Chicken Stuffing Casserole is an easy family dinner recipe that is packed full of comfort food flavor. This delicious dish has a creamy & flavorful chicken filling that’s tucked under a crispy and buttery stuffing topping. Get the full recipe at lovefromtheoven.com

2. Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

Christmas morning is almost here! With this festive morning happening soon, you need to have something amazing on hand. This Christmas Breakfast Casserole is everything a family could ask for in the morning. This recipe calls for 6-7 ingredients, which means the recipe itself will be simple! Get the full recipe at lovinglivinglancaster.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This Brioche French Toast Casserole is perfect to bake on Sunday mornings for breakfast, brunch, or my personal favorite, for Christmas. You can serve it as it is, or garnish it with some fresh fruit and extra maple syrup. Get the full recipe at simplymadeeats.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This creamy and easy green bean casserole with cream cheese is the most addicting side dish you’ll make this year! This tasty cream cheese green bean casserole is comfort food to the max, and it’s perfect for weekend dinner parties or Holiday gatherings. Get the full recipe at cupofflour.org

5. Scalloped potatoes

Christmas casserole recipes

Instead of using white sauce, which contains all-purpose flour for thickening, we´ll make the creamy cheese sauce whit heavy whipping cream. That makes this elegant side dish perfect for a gluten-free diet.

One of the things I like most about it is that it can be prepared in advance, the day before, and kept refrigerated (since the potatoes are “pre-baked” they will not change color). Get the full recipe at irenemercadal.com

6. Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole is always a crowd pleaser. Hash brown potatoes are combined with cheddar cheese and sour cream to create a side dish or a hearty breakfast that can easily steal the show at meal time. Get the full recipe of this easy Christmas breakfast casserole at lovefromtheoven.com


Christmas casserole recipes

Cinnamon roll casserole is a delicious Christmas morning breakfast idea. With it using canned cinnamon rolls, this recipe is a breeze to make, so you can focus on family and Christmas morning. Get the full recipe at fantabulosity.com


Christmas casserole recipes

Everyone will rave about this golden-baked breakfast casserole with the flavors of pizza! This strata has layers of melted cheese, crumbled brown breakfast sausage, red pizza sauce, and savory pepperoni. A great and easy breakfast casserole recipe, brunch parties, game day gatherings, or busy holidays like Christmas morning. Get the full recipe at delicioustable.com

9. Mom’s Best Classic Gluten-Free Vegan Baked Ziti (Soy-Free)

Christmas casserole recipes

Our family’s favorite famous comfort food recipe, remade! Mom’s Best Classic Gluten-Free Vegan Baked Ziti without the dairy, but still under 5 ingredients! This make-ahead “cheesy” pasta dinner casserole is soy-free too, super easy, delicious, and baked in 20 minutes! Get the full recipe at strengthandsunshine.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This easy Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Casserole comes together using only 7 simple ingredients! Combining biscuits with breakfast sausage, eggs, white peppered gravy, and cheese, this hearty meal is a must try! Perfect for Holidays, gatherings, and/or weekend breakfasts! Get the full recipe at thecookinchicks.com

11. Easy Corn Casserole Recipe

Christmas casserole recipes

This Easy Corn Casserole Recipe can be made ahead of time. It’s the perfect side dish for any holiday meal. This corn casserole is creamy, savory, sweet, and has a heavenly soufflé texture. Get the full recipe at chewoutloud.com

12. Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Topping

Christmas casserole recipes

This Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Topping is always popular on the holiday table. Kids and adults alike simply can’t get enough of this sweet potatoes recipe with amazing streusel topping. Bonus: you can prepared this dish the night before, and serve it the next day to complement your Christmas eve dinner. Get the full recipe at chewoutloud.com

13. Eggs Benedict Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

This is a yummy egg bake or breakfast casserole that includes the players of classic eggs benedict. The eggs are fully cooked, of course, but it’s nonetheless an easy and delicious way to serve up brunch! Get the full recipe at chewoutloud.com

14. Sausage Potato Breakfast Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

This sausage potato breakfast casserole is loaded with fluffy eggs, tender potatoes, savory sausage and plenty of gooey cheese. This classic breakfast dish is perfect for a holiday or a crowd, and can even be prepped ahead of time. Get the full recipe at onmykidsplate.com

15. Tater Tot Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

Tater tot sausage breakfast casserole has savory sausage, fluffy eggs and gooey cheese all topped with crispy brown tater tots. It’s a great recipe to make for a group or for meal prep to make meals faster, and your family will go crazy for the potato tots on top! Get the full recipe at onmykidsplate.com

16. Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole

Christmas casserole recipes

Creamy, cheesy and savory this loaded mashed potato casserole is the perfect side dish. This easy, gooey mashed potato casserole recipe is cozy comfort food that the whole family will love. Get the full recipe at onmykidsplate.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This Million Dollar Chicken Casserole takes just 10 minutes of prep time and is on your table in 30 minutes. Using pre-cooked ingredients like rice and shredded chicken makes it simple to make and has a satisfying crunchy topping that the whole family will love. You can also make this creamy chicken and rice bake in advance and refrigerate or freeze it for later, making it the perfect weeknight dinner. Get the full recipe at comfortingeats.com

18. Apple Pie Filled Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas casserole recipes

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to these delicious Apple Pie Filled Cinnamon Rolls! They’re easy to assemble in just 5 minutes, and can be made ahead for breakfast, dessert or holiday brunch. 

These warm and gooey cinnamon rolls are a family favorite that require only 3 ingredients. All you need are refrigerated cinnamon rolls, apple pie filling, and chopped pecans to make this mouthwatering breakfast casserole in a flash! Get the full recipe at quichemygrits.com

19. Cheesy Green Bean Casserole with Cherry Tomatoes

Christmas casserole recipes

With two kinds of cheese, green beans and cherry tomatoes, this Cheesy Green Bean Casserole is a tasty and healthy side or even a light entrée! Get the full recipe at artofnaturalliving.com


Christmas casserole recipes

Creamy southern baked mac and cheese with a secret ingredient is always one of my most popular recipes! The best southern mac and cheese is the best baked mac and cheese recipe! It’s the ultimate comfort food for Sunday dinner or a holiday celebration! Get the full recipe at cheneetoday.com

21. Keto Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole – Based on the Dip! 

Christmas casserole recipes

Ultra cheesy Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole is a fun 30 minute dinner inspired by the classic dip, but with the vegetables bumped up and protein added to make it a full meal. If you want more low carb chicken casserole options, be sure to bookmark this recipe! Get the full recipe at anediblemosaic.com


Christmas casserole recipes

Spicy salmon sushi bake is a delicious dish that can be made in no time.

It’s great for those last minute dinner parties, pot lucks, and even weeknight family dinners. Get the full recipe at thericechick.com

23. 4-Ingredient Creamy Artichoke Dip

Christmas casserole recipes

This 4-ingredient Creamy Artichoke Dip adds a touch of luxury to your Christmas spread, a cozy side for a Thanksgiving feast, or elevates a regular weeknight dinner. This warm, comforting casserole dish is a foolproof favorite for the chilly seasons. Quick, effortless, and utterly irresistible, it’s the gourmet touch you deserve, any night of the week. Get the full recipe at gocookyummy.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This recipe for baked Eggplant Parmesan is made with layers of crispy, lightly breaded eggplant, rich tomato sauce and three different types of Italian cheese including parmesan cheese. It’s easy to make and healthier than the traditional method because the eggplant gets broiled rather than fried. Get the full recipe at coleycooks.com


Christmas casserole recipes

The BEST eggnog bread pudding – brioche or challah bread pudding with a brown butter rum glaze! This bread pudding recipe is a great way to use up leftover eggnog, with a delicious brown butter eggnog bread pudding sauce. Get the full recipe at cheneetoday.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This recipe for Baked Cauliflower Mac and Cheese is like a mashup between cauliflower au gratin and the best mac n cheese. It’s a gooey and cheesy macaroni and cheese with a buttery, crunchy top, but also has an entire head of cauliflower inside! This vegetarian cauliflower bake is a major crowd pleaser that can feed up to 12 people so it’s great for entertaining!  Get the full recipe at coleycooks.com


Christmas casserole recipes

This vegan baked spaghetti is the ultimate cozy dinner recipe. With decadent sauces and a caramelized vegan cheese topping, this spaghetti will soon become the new family favorite. Perfect both for entertaining and busy weeknights, there is never a bad time to cook up this easy vegan meal! Get the full recipe at easychickpeasy.com

28. Vegan Corn Casserole (Gluten-Free)

Christmas casserole recipes

This super easy Vegan Corn Casserole is just 5 ingredients and a homemade gluten-free copycat of the classic Jiffy recipe! Just stir the ingredients together and bake in the oven for a simple comforting side dish everyone in the family will love! This dairy-free old-fashioned Southern casserole is like a moist and eggless cornbread soufflé! Perfect for the holidays and feeding a crowd! Get the full recipe at strengthandsunshine.com

29. Ranch Cheesy Potatoes

Christmas casserole recipes

Every good Midwesterner has a recipe for cheesy potatoes when a comforting side dish is needed; these easy Ranch Cheesy Potatoes with Frozen Hash Browns includes Ranch seasoning for a delicious twist on this wintertime staple. Get the full recipe at hmidwexican.com

30. Creamy Green Bean Casserole With Bacon

Christmas casserole recipes

This creamy fresh green bean casserole with bacon is gooey, cozy, and tasty! Your tastebuds will sing with the delicious savory homemade onion and garlic cream sauce, crispy bacon, and crunchy onions. No canned soup here, this delicious easy side dish will impress for the holidays or Sunday dinner. Get the full recipe at onmykidsplate.com

Now that you have a collection of delicious Christmas casserole recipes at your fingertips, it’s time to start planning your holiday menu. From savory breakfast casseroles to hearty main dishes, these recipes will add warmth and cheer to your festive gatherings.

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